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St. Kilda
The islands of St. Kilda rise out of the Atlantic ocean some 40 miles west of the Outer Hebrides. A place that beggars belief, with an extraordinary history, dramatic scenery, spectacular seabirds and unique isolation. The largest island is Hirta (occupied for thousands of years until 1930), with Soay and Dun close by. Berneray, with Stac Lee & Stac an Armin, is four miles away to the north-east. St. Kilda is owned by the National Trust for Scotland. It is a National Nature Reserve and World Heritage site - read more on theDrug stores for sale in canada.

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Hirta : The Street

Hillside cleit and Dun

Hirta : The Street
Hirta : The Street

Dun, from Hirta

Hirta - sunset farewell
Boreray sunset
Dawn in the Sound of Harris
Hirta : Village Bay
Hirta : Village Bay
Stac Levenish
Stac Lee
Village Bay boulders
Death in the hills
Dun, from Hirta
Wall fern
Dawn over Boreray & Stac Lee
Stac Lee & Stac an Armin
Boreray & the Stacs
Hirta : entrance to Village Bay
Hirta : Village Bay
Dun, from Hirta

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Hirta : Village Bay
Dun, and The Wylde Swan
Hirta : Cleit, Feather Store & Dun

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