Angus Bruce Photography

Dawn (and sunrise) at Loch Borralan


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Suilven, reflected in the still waters of Loch Borralan on a freezing morning with frost covering the rocks and grass.

Top: 30 October 2019
Location : Borralan, Sutherland
Canon 5DS, Canon 16-35mm @ 31mm 1.3s f14 ISO 100
Image ref SQ225 Angus Bruce, Ullapool.

Beneath: 30 October 2019
Canon 5DS, Canon 16-35mm @ 31mm 0.3s f14 ISO 100
Image ref SQ226 Angus Bruce, Ullapool.

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Print :
8"x8" (20 x 20cm), 12" x 12" (30 x 30cm)

Other square sizes available upon request.

Prints on canvas, aluminium, foamboard and with acrylic finish - please enquire

All images Angus Bruce, Ullapool, Scotland and may not be reproduced in any form without permission