Angus Bruce Photography

Deep freeze dawn in Rhidorroch

Winter Panoramics Standard format

Early in the New Year 2010 and it's the third week of sub-zero temperatures around Ullapool. The frozen, snow-covered surface of Loch Achall in Rhidorroch has created a beautifully peaceful winter scene, as the sunrise strikes Beinn Ghoblach in the distance.

Date: 07 January 2010 1000
Location : Rhidorroch, Wester Ross
Nikon D300 Nikkor lens 35mm 1/60s f13 ISO200
Image reference p75 and p75bw

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Unmounted print supplied in wide-bore roll tube - sizes:
28"x8.5" and other sizes in approx 3:1 format ratio

Other finishes available, including canvas, acrylic, aluminium, foamboard. Please enquire.

All images Angus Bruce, Ullapool, Scotland and may not be reproduced in any form without permission