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Oldshoremore beach sunset

The setting sun drops behind Eilean na h-Aiteig, while the bright sunset colours reflect in a beach burn as it meanders to the surf.

Date: 05 November 2009
Location : Oldshoremore beach, Sutherland
Nikon D300, Nikkor lens 22mm. 1/25sf22 ISO200
Image reference c100. Angus Bruce, Ullapool.

AVAILABLE PRODUCTS (more info and price examples on Sales page):

A6 Photocard

Mounted print, hand titled and signed, within cellophane wrapper - size 9"x6" (mounted A4)

Unmounted print supplied in wide-bore roll tube - sizes:
12"x8" (30 x 20cm)
18"x12" (45 x 30cm)
30" x 20" (75 x 50cm)
... and other sizes in 3:2 format ratio

Other finishes available, including canvas, acrylic, aluminium, foamboard. Please enquire.

All images Angus Bruce, Ullapool, Scotland and may not be reproduced in any form without permission